Cirrus TV HD & HD PLUS IPTV is for New and Old Format Android TV boxes, Amazon Firesticks, tablets, and phones. We do not support Android TV’s, Mag boxes, VLC, or any other format.



email us at [email protected] FIRST!

Q: Can I try Cirrus TV & Club TV Plus IPTV before I buy it?

A: Of course you can. Free of charge. We offer you a 3-day free trial. Click Here

Q: What internet speed do I need for Cirrus TV & Club TV Plus IPTV?

A: We recommend that you have an internet speed connection of no less than 5mb for HD Channels. The higher the better. Please test on today

Q: What are Android TV Boxes and what can they do?

A: To keep it simple, an Android TV box is a catch all name for the many different make of TV boxes that have become very popular in the last few years. It will basically turn your TV into a huge Smartphone. This means your TV can do everything a smartphone can do, plus more and on a bigger screen. They all run on the Android operating system.

Q: What Android TV box can I install Cirrus TV & Cirrus TV Plus IPTV on?

A: You can install the software on any of the many Android TV boxes on the market: MXQ, M8, Minix Neo, T8, etc. If the box is running the Android operating system, Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV will work. We recommend that if you are buying an Android TV box to install Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV, you get one of the higher-end models like the M8S, T8 pro or a Minix Neo as these boxes are much better quality with more ram. We do not support Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV on any Android television (Samsung, Sony, etc.)

Q: Can I watch CirrusTV HD & Cirrus Plus IPTV on more than one box?

A: No. Once you have activated your Cirrus TV HD & HD Plus IPTV account with your subscription code, we will log your subscription number and attach it to that boxes account. That code will no longer work except on that box.

Q: Can I change my subscription to another box.

A: Yes, you can do this once. If you have a faulty box and need to change your subscription to a new box, you will need to get in touch with us and give us your new user ID from settings and subscription numbers.

Q: What info do we need from you to have CirrusTV  & Cirrus TV Plus IPTV?

A: Only an email address and your subscription code for any support issues. Please keep your current code for any support you may need.

Q: Can I try Cirrus TV  & Cirrus Plus IPTV before I buy it?

A: Of course you can. Free of charge. We offer you a 3-day free trial.

Q: How do I activate the XXX Adult only section?

A: To activate the adult channel section go to the Cirrus4K menu and in the enter subscription code section enter 1266 then press ok to activate the XXX Adult channels in the channel section.
You may need to enter 1266 again to watch the XXX channels.



To install CIRRUS TV HD IPTV, you first need to download our software to your ANDROID TV BOX OR AMAZON FIRESTICK 

please go to your
internet browser and type in www. filelinked .com
You will then be given a screen with a DOWNLOAD button
Install this and OPEN….
On-screen please enter our unique code 61623628
This will open our page with various add ons for you to download and install.
If it asks for another code insert 3462
Please install
and any others you want in this download section for later…
Once installed email us back for codes for our IPTV services.
email [email protected] and let us know what IPTV service you enquired about
We also have a vast selection of extra add ons for movies and tv shows
for customers who have already got a subscription for FREE. Ask for this code later…


Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV is a hassle-free system but there a few things can affect its operation.
Please note: After you have installed Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV and entered your subscription, please do not uninstall and reinstall the APK or wipe your box. This may cause your box to change the Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV software ID settings and you will not be able to log back in.

So please do not wipe or reset your box once activated. Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV codes only work one time. You cannot re-install the software and then re-enter your code. This will not work. After its activation, your code is for reference only.

Q: Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV will not load or log in. Stuck on ‘logging in’.

A: If running KODI on your box, please make sure you have it turned off. KODI uses lots of your boxes memory and we have had feedback that running Kodi can stop Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV logging on so please make sure it’s off before starting Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV If this does not fix the stuck login in issue, you can clear the cache in the Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV software from the MISC Settings and this will reset and re-install it and this should fix it. You will not have to re-enter your code as the server will remember it when you entered it on registration.

Q: When logging in, you get ‘Network unavailable’ error?

A: Please check your internet connection if you get this error code as it is not connected to your internet connection.

Q: I have changed my Android box and need to reinstall Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV on my new box.

A: Please take a note of your new user ID from the account section in Cirrus4k HD & HD Plus IPTV and email this to us with your subscription code and we will attach your existing code to your new user ID. Any images of pictures would be helpful. Please note that we do this one time per subscription. If you require this more than once we way ask you to pay a fee to transfer your account.
If you find any other issues that affect its operation, please let us know and we will update this FAQ.